Athletic Training Center

A comprehensive physical development program is at the cornerstone of developing the NCAA student-athlete and enabling them in their pursuit of sport mastery. In order to help our athletes pursue this objective, DBU Athletic Performance has assembled a first-class strength training facility, the Athletic Training Center or ATC.

The DBU Athletic Training Center opened in March 2013.  The ATC occupies a two-level building, which has been totally renovated to house this new physical development facility solely dedicated to our Patriot student-athletes.  This existing two-story, 5,000 square foot building is the home of strength training and physical conditioning for Patriot student athletes. The ATC offers eight top of the line Hammer Strength Elite half-racks, each outfitted with custom Iron Grip weight plates, PowerLift bumper plates, and a full assortment of both chains and bands. There are three full sets of custom Iron Grip dumbbells ranging from 5 pounds up to 130 pounds, three Kieser Functional Trainer air compression machines, two full sets of Onnit Kettlebells, various types of barbells, Assault Air Bikes, Life Fitness Treadmills, twelve TRX trainers and more.

The upstairs consists of an open floor plan which assists in the implementation of various types of training, including plyometric training, medicine ball training, circuit training, floor-based exercises, warm ups and cool downs. The ATC has eight iPad Air tablets each with its own magnetic rack attachments, six Assess 2 Perform Bar Sensei velocity analyzers, as well as a separate sound system for upstairs and downstairs.

The primary feature of this facility is the free-weight training area designed with the student athlete in mind. The two-level facility handles multiple groups very well and allows sperate teams to train with minimal overlap and without competing for equipment. With state-of-the-art athletic training equipment in this remodeled facility, student athletes will have the ability to enhance their performance to reach heightened levels of physical development, strength, and fitness to ensure maximum competitiveness as they represent DBU Patriot Athletics on the field, court, and track.


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